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Penile Girth Enhancement - Burlington, Raleigh,Charlotte NC
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Penile Girth Enhancement - Burlington, Raleigh,Charlotte NC

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Increase penis size with up to 30 cc (ml) filler or hyalouronic serum. This semi-permanent procedure works by adding collagen stimulating serum or hyalouronic serum to the penis shaft, resulting in thicker penile tissue while promoting self- esteem, higher confidence, satisfaction, as well as pleasure for both partners. This has also been known to help with erectile disfunction. Penile Girth Enhancement last on average of 9 mos depending on lifestyle, metabolism, and aging factors, and is done via needleless injection. Payment arrangements are available through Klarna, Sezzle and other options. Each package includes 2-4 sessions spaced a week apart depending on how much is introduced each session. All appointments are private and confidential.