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Non Invasive Laser Lipo Burlington, Raleigh NC

Non Invasive Laser Lipo Burlington, Raleigh NC

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How Does Noninvasive Laser Body Contouring Work? Our noninvasive laser body contouring treatment is designed to shrink fat cells, not remove them.

This package is 8 sessions.

During a typical session, our skilled technician gently places specialized laser diode pads on your skin. These laser diodes emit energy that penetrates your fat cells, creating tiny openings in their membranes. This process triggers the release of stored fatty acids, glycerol, and water from the fat cells, causing them to shrink. This can lead to a reduction in inches. Your body then naturally eliminates these released fat-cell contents through your lymphatic system or uses them for energy.

To help you visualize this, imagine your fat cells as plump grapes that gradually transform into raisins as the laser beam reaches and shrinks their contents.

Who's an Ideal Candidate for Laser Body Contouring? Our laser body contouring treatment is an excellent choice for individuals who:

  • Carry approximately 25 pounds more than their ideal weight.
  • Are more focused on specific "problem areas" rather than overall weight loss.
  • Enjoy good health and have good skin elasticity.

Still uncertain if this treatment suits you? Schedule a consultation with us. If you purchase one of our packages and aren't considered a suitable candidate, rest assured that we offer a money-back guarantee.

What Does the Laser Body Contouring Process Involve? Our aim is to provide you with a relaxing experience. You'll be comfortably situated in a soothing environment, enhancing your metabolic process.

During the treatment, our technician applies the laser diode pads to the targeted area, exposing it to laser energy for approximately 10 to 20 minutes. If necessary, they may adjust the pads to focus on other areas and repeat the treatment. While some clients may notice immediate changes, achieving optimal results typically requires multiple sessions.

Here are key details about the recommended treatment cycle:

  • Treatment Schedule: Most clients achieve maximum results with 6–8 sessions, with some noticing improvements after just a few sessions.
  • Frequency: We recommend two treatments per week for four weeks.
  • Downtime: As the treatment is noninvasive, there's no downtime required.

What Areas Can Benefit from Laser Body Contouring? Laser body contouring can be applied to any part of the body where excess fat is stored. Common treatment areas include:

  • Abdomen
  • Waistline
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Under the chin

How Long Do Laser Body Contouring Results Last? It's important to note that laser body contouring doesn't destroy fat cells but rather empties them. As a result, these cells can potentially refill over time. To maintain lasting results, it's crucial to make healthy dietary choices, including opting for lean protein, and avoiding excessive alcohol and sugar intake. Those who consume more calories than they burn may experience a reduction in their improvements over time.