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Empire Brows:4 Day Flawless Brow Artistry Certification (Bring a model)

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Hello, beautiful souls! Kri’ Shawn here, and I've got something truly special for those looking to make their mark in the Permanent Makeup Industry – it's the Brows Are Us Micro-Blading Class!

 Let's Dive into the World of Micro-Blading:

  • We're talking about techniques that can open doors to earnings ranging from $350 to $900 per procedure, tailored to what's fair in your local area.
  • Join me for a 4-day class, led by a licensed microblading instructor who's not just skilled but brings a whole lot of wisdom from the worlds of microblading, business ownership, management, and coaching.

 What's Waiting for You in This Class:

  • Monthly bootcamps where we'll delve into microblading techniques, business essentials, and the do's and don'ts of micro-shading. It's a holistic approach to get you set up for success!
  • We're offering help in getting your business up and running, wherever you are.
  • And guess what? A fabulous kit, usually priced at $3200, containing everything you need for 15 clients – start to finish. It's a game-changer!
  • Practice strokes on simulated skin, map brows, and even create those beautiful arches for clients dealing with hair loss.
  • Learn the art of pigments and tools, and I'll share some strategies to keep your calendar buzzing with appointments.

📚 What You Get:

  • An instructional manual to guide you on this exciting journey.
  • Exclusive peeks behind the scenes with a Tattoo permit inspection.
  • Tips on how to get more products as your business grows.
  • And of course, strategic planning for the growth of your microblading and beauty venture.

🎓 Certification Awaits:

  • Get ready to receive your certification once you successfully complete the classes, practice those strokes, map brows like a pro, and show that you've truly mastered the skills and knowledge.

💰 Investment Insights:

  • Reserve your spot with a $300 deposit (covers kits, space, and time). We've got flexible payment plans through Sezzle or Klarna.
  • Remember, full payment is due 3 days before the class.

📍 Classes happening near Raleigh, Greensboro area, NC.

Now, for all the details and to step into this empowering journey, connect with us at This is your chance to learn, grow, and shape your future in the Permanent Makeup Industry! Much love to you all!